Darin and I worked together at Leisure Care/One-Eighty for several years, and during that time, Darin's focus and commitment to our Senior Living Communities made a huge impact on the residents day-to-day lives. Darin took the lead on the opening of our community in Bellevue, WA which featured a full size, open-concept kitchen that not only catered to the residents, but also the local community. His patience, confidence, and sheer culinary knowledge were instrumental in developing a cohesive and positive team. Whenever you are breaking the traditional mold of how things are done, you need creativity, determination, and a willingness to do whatever it takes; all qualities which Darin personifies. He is one of those leaders who people automatically gravitate toward, and he instills an instant loyalty to those around him. If you want someone who can lead, mentor and grow your success, Darin is the guy you want by your side.