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Cooks Training 101

$199.00 $499.00 Full kit includes 1st month subscription

Cooks Training 101 – Back to the Basics 

1 each Full Box Kit which includes
(training posters, booklet, and equipment) = $499

Includes monthly recurring fee =  $199

  • A cooks training program box that delivers training in three different learning styles, (written, visual and kinesthetic)
  • 1 each full set of training posters
  • 1 each certificate of completion form
  • 1 each training booklet
  • QR code training videos for on-going inservices
  • Collaborate on a biweekly basis on program direction and focus
  • Access to virtual training sessions for new managers and cooks with a focus on how to successfully deploy and sustain their cooks training program
  • Access to quarterly live hands-on training session for managers with the focus on coaching each site manager to fish for themselves while driving results, inspiring team members, and holding them accountable to the program
  • Full Access Pass to TCS Member Login
  • Free Shipping

Equipment Supplied:

  • 1 each Small Fish Spatula
  • 1 each Medium Fish Spatula
  • 1 each Digital Thermometer
  • 2 each heat resistance proof silicone hot pads (black preferred color)
  • 1 each Chefs apron (A good quality one with the overall straps)
  • 1 each small tongs, (aluminum or stainless steel preferred)
  • 1 each medium tongs, (aluminum or stainless steel preferred)
  • 1 each digital timer with magnet (Nice looking, big numbers preferred)
Product Meta

Cooks Training 101 – Back to the Basics Equipment Only

$249.00    Order Now

Box Kit Equipment only (digital thermometer, magnetic timer, professional cooks apron, fish spatula, saucing spoon, kitchen tongs, heat resistant washable hot pads)

Please note example: If you have 5 cooks then we recommend ordering one (1) each full box kit and four (4) each equipment only