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Do you find yourself cooking the same thing every week? Step out of your comfort zone by discovering new foods to serve your family with the Transformed Culinary Solutions Food of the Month Kit! Chef Darin Leonardson and Chef Stephan C. Baity not only give you ideas, but you get to learn from them and other Chefs on how to put it all together for a beautiful presentation

Don’t you love beautiful food? 🥗🍇Watch this episode and learn from Chef Darin Leonardson on how to create a beautiful plate with garnishes that will take your dishes to the next level. Using food artistry, you can enhance the presentation of your food and impress your family and friends!

Let’s Cook with the Brava Oven – Chef Darin Makes the Perfect Grilled Cheese and More!

Who doesn’t love a good grilled cheese sandwich, quick pizza or even steak and potatoes? Chef Darin Leonardson demonstrates how to cook using the brava oven. If you want some ideas for the perfect grilled cheese that looks beautiful on the plate or an easy way to use a grocery store pizza crust that looks like it was homemade for delicious cheese pizza, this episode is for you!

Master the 7 Steps of Saute

I’m so excited to launch Episode #1 on Julianne Williams Global Fenix TV series called “Step into your Life”. I’m teaching the Seven (7) Steps of Saute from my new Cooks Training 101 series at Transformed Culinary Solutions. I promise this Steak Arribiata dish is so easy and delicious! If you master these steps, you can cook anything at home.

The Constant Transformation of Food Service

John Herzog is joined by Darin Leonardson, Founder and CEO of Transformed Culinary Solutions, to talk about the many changes and transformation in Food Service.

Dining Innovations You Need

Melissa Brown is joined by Darin Leonardson, Founder and CEO of Transformed Culinary Solutions. They discuss how to delivery culinary value through innovative food solutions and experience-based programming. 

Chef Darin Leonardson on Food as a Return to Eden

Chef Darin Leonardson loves to serve. He gets so much joy by feeding people. And I got to receive this blessing as he cooked for me at his house and talked about his background and his faith.