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Transformative food and dining experiences

Hi. My name is Darin Leonardson, President and CEO of Transformed Culinary Solutions. We are a team of foodie listeners, innovative culinarians, and experienced-based dining experts. And what we do is hit homeruns for your organization with our food programs and dining experiences.

You’ll see on our website one of our favorite food enhancement programs, “food artistry”. We inspire and coach your team members to drastically improve their garnishing and plate presentations skills.

This program improves your customer’s overall dining satisfaction through the three meals per day that they eat. We teach your team members to “fish for themselves”, we create memorable dining experiences, and we do these things through unconventional ways with quality, proven results.

We provide turnkey program box solutions with training materials that include the supplies needed, including vibrant posters, manuals, QR code video training links, certifications and step by step procedures. This makes training your team members possible through live engagement, on-site training, test demonstrations and follow-up virtual collaborative sessions. We train all team members three ways (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) so that everyone understands in a format that makes sense to all learning styles. The posters bring to life what programs are in place and help remind your team members of both their importance and how to keep them sustainable. These are high resolution posters that display your programming proudly in powerful ways. We train team members on the program materials while demonstrating live hands-on education where employees and staff get to put their new programs into practice.

In closing, we inspire your team members to engage with your new programs by learning new skills that can positively impact their abilities. We focus on working with the Senior Living industry as a whole and we know that we are improving their lives. We are changing how employees help create your guests’ experience through our educating programming and services.

Food Artistry

Receive a Full Box Kit which includes (training posters, booklet, and equipment) plus monthly updates and additional information