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Yum Yuck Program – Increase Dining Satisfaction

This exciting and simple program was born from Darin’s experience while working for Google. Learn a simple and fun way to improve your guests’ overall satisfaction.

Menu Picture Book – Standardized Plate Presentations

Do you want to build a more consistent menu program that has improved plate presentations and garnishing? Listen to Darin talk through how you can do this.

Happy Birthday Program – Celebrating Team Members & Residents

Everyone deserves to be acknowledged on their birthday. Your residents, your team members and everyone in between should be celebrated. Listen to Darin give you ideas to make birthdays special.

Foods of the Month

It’s all about the signature monthly ingredient and how it can shine. Featuring one ingredient can elevate everything from menu design, marketing and overall excitement. You don’t want to miss how to do it!

Fire and Flavor Cooking Demo

Learn how to setup an amazing chef demonstration that dazzles your guests while engaging all your 5 senses (taste, sight, smell, sound, touch)

Seven Steps of Sauté

This method teaches you the basics of any pan cooking and will show you how to layer incredible flavor with anything you can make in a pan. Follow these simple steps to help you become an awesome cool and chef.